Perennial Plants

Devoted Team with Years of Experience

At Jean’s -The Right Plant Place, we have years of experience in working with perennial plants and gardens. Our devoted team knows the best way to plant, care for and utilize perennials in your garden. Ask anyone at Jean’s about all the ways perennials can brighten up your garden or yard.

The Perfect Perennials for any Occasion

We specialize in diverse perennials to enhance your garden. We carry hundreds of perennial varieties to suit any garden space – from large plants, shrubs and trees to flower beds and container gardens. We can provide you with the perfect perennials for your enjoyment! We can even ship perennial orders to you and can help you choose the right plants for any environment. Special orders are available upon request but a minimum order might apply. Contact us today for more information. 







The Right Plant Place

Our team is dedicated to our customers’ experience – providing education, plant knowledge, and thoughtful care of every client. We aim to offer the best park-like shopping experience in our area. Come browse through our gardens to get inspired! See the vast options that perennials can offer to your garden or yard space. We look forward to helping you.

Plant Care and New Plant Varieties are Top Priorities

Jean’s is a member of the Perennial Plant Association, MN Nursery and Landscape Association, Garden Centers of America, American Hosta Society, Minnesota Horticulture Society and the American Hemerocallis Society. We are always educating  ourselves and our customers on the best gardening options and practices in our area. Let us show you the potential that your garden and yard have to be a beautifully designed space.

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