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Julie Schroer and Jodie Ramsay, the current owners of Jean’s, had been working for Jean and Dennis off and on during the early years of Jean’s the Right Plant Place. Our diverse staff includes students, teachers, retirees, and full-time (seasonal) workers. Some folks work only during the potting season, while others work the entire season (April – October).
General Manager, Mary Dertinger
Potting Manager, Carol Rethemeier

About The Owners

Julie and Jodie are both biology professors and enjoy teaching in the non-gardening season. Both present gardening classes and several horticulture events each year. They love biology, teaching and everything plants! 


  • Julie Schroer – Avid plant lover, manager of the greenhouse, and biology instructor at Northern State University. 
  • Jodie Ramsay – Biology professor at Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD. She keeps her enthusiasm contained.

Come in, meet our staff and ask us questions about your garden!

Our diverse staff includes students, teachers, retirees, and full-time (seasonal) workers. Some staff members work just through the potting season, while others are there from April through October (sometimes in snow and often in the cold!). Most of the staff have gardens of their own and have a lot of diverse and practical planting and gardening knowledge to share with you.

Mary Dertinger

Store Manager

Carol Rethemeier

Potting Manager
Sandy Dombeck
Denise Kupfer
Joyce Mack
Sylvia Martin
Grace Minten
James Minten
Sue Moses
Karen Oelschlager
Arnie Rethemeier
Suzie Rethemeier
Bruce Schroer
Terry Schroer
Betty Staebler
Marjorie Wegsheid





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