Owners and staff of Jean's the Right Plant Place


In 2004, Jean and Dennis sold Jean's the Right Plant Place to its current owners.  Julie Schroer and Jodie Ramsay are both natives of Perham, and both worked on and off for Jean since she first bought Jean's.  Both Julie and Jodie are Biology professors in the 'non-gardening' season.  Julie taught  Biology at Bismarck State College in Bismarck, ND for 10 years, but moved to Fargo in 2008 to take a teaching/advising position at NDSU.  Since the fall of 2015, she has managed the greenhouse and taught biology courses at Northern State University.  Jodie also teaches Biology at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD.  They love to teach and have presented gardening classes at several horticulture events over the past few years.


Our diverse staff includes students, teachers, retirees, and full-time (seasonal) workers.  Some people work just through the potting season, while others are there from April through October (sometimes in snow and often in the cold!). Most of the staff have gardens of their own and have a lots of practical knowledge to share with you.