Children's garden

The Children's Garden was established in 2006 in memory of Katelyn Bauck.  It is sponsored by the Minnesota 4-H Foundation, the Cal Mielke Memorial 4-H Fund, and local businesses and organizations. 

The gardens are in 4x4 raised beds in a clover shape.  Classes are held each Friday throughout the summer, and are taught by Minnesota Extension Service Staff and Ottertail County Master Gardeners.  This year, 20 kids are participating and many volunteers are helping to make this a success.  Specialty gardens include butterfly gardens, sandwich gardens, and salad gardens.  At the end of the summer, kids get to harvest and eat what they plant! 


Here is one of the young gardeners by her garden.  Looks great, doesn't it? 


Here is a future gardener, although he hasn't gotten the memo that zinnas are not on the menu!